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The Mark of Discipleship

'For He causes His sun to rise on bad men as well as good, and His rain to fall on honest and dishonest men alike'#Matthew5:43-48

Going against the grain

We live on a beautiful planet, full of the mystery of God's creation. Each day reflects the glory of the God, through the rising of the sun to the emergence of the moon and the stars in the sky. All humanity can marvel at the beauty of nature, can enjoy the fruits of our planet, whether one follows God or not. The gifs of life such as loving family ties and close connections are enjoyed by all; believers, unbelievers, those who are virtuous and those who are not. The gifts of God are available to everyone however, Jesus reminds us that to be exceptional and claim credit from God, we have to do what is often uncomfortable and counter intuitive to our natural desires.

Where can we identify these opportunities for true discipleship in our daily lives? Is it the relationship with the person we work with, who we don't get on with? Is it a close personal relationship that is challenging and uncomfortable? Is there a circumstance where our help would make a real difference to another, if we could just push back against our own selfishness and self-absorption?

Jesus reminds us that following the law of God's love means reaching out and doing the right thing even though it may be uncomfortable for us. This is the mark of true discipleship, otherwise we are no different to others in following our Faith.

A life with God, means a life of service so today let us ask the Lord to instil that desire to be of service in our hearts, that we may follow God' calling to live an exceptional life and be a reflection of HIs love and compassion.

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