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Choose Life!

'Choose Life then, so that you and your descendants may live, in the love of the Lord your God' #Deuteronomy30

Taking up the Cross

It can be strange to marry the idea of choosing Life in the Lord and taking up our cross everyday. God calls us to live the commandments and to love Him fully and completely. Choosing Life with the Lord immediately sets us at odds with the world around us and its values. No wonder Jesus uses the symbol of the cross. He knows how difficult it is for us to renounce ourselves in order that we can follow Him. And He knows that it is a daily battle. It's worth reminding ourselves that we strive for a worthy goal; a full, free and joyful life, living in the love and grace of God in this life and beyond.

It can be easy to grow small in this life, to be less than what God wants us to be. Following the values of the world, can lead us down an easy path, catering for our human and temporal needs at the detriment of our soul and eternal nature. If we don't choose life in the Lord, our path can become crooked, darkness and blindness to truth can take hold, making it difficult to discern God's will for our life.

Today, let us ask the Lord to grant us the courage and grace to take up our cross in whatever form today, so that we may be stay close to Jesus, aligning ourselves to the calling of the Holy Spirit deep within our hearts. Let not our crosses be more than we can carry Lord. Be with us today and everyday. #chooselife, #takeupthecross

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