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Just Ask

'Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened to you'#Matthew7:7-12

Ask from the Heart

Throughout the bible and the history of the saints, we are reminded that whatever we ask for in God's name, we will receive, if it is in alignment with God's will. We are called to pray with the heart each and every day so that we can get what we need to live full and joyful lives. As a loving parent, God is there listening to the inner desires of our heart, supporting us and guiding us to the fulfilment of those desires. Yet often we get in our own way. We don't spend enough time discerning the Holy Spirit's calling in our heart, in order to connect with our true desires. In times of stress or hardship, it can be easier to call out from the heart, hoping and expecting God's response. Yet also on good days, we have the opportunity to ask with the heart. If we are in conversation with a loved one, it is easier to share the truth of who we are and share our hopes and dreams. God calls us into such a loving relationship with Him, that we can share authentically how we hope to live, our hopes and fears for ourselves and our loved ones. When we are in relationship with Him, we pray from the heart and in doing so we allow God to work fully and completely in our lives.

Today, let us talk to Jesus as a loving friend and brother. Let us share with him our hopes and dreams, confident in the knowledge that He hears every desire from the heart and always wants what's best for us.

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