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Meeting God Half-Way

'God saw their efforts to renounce their evil behaviour, and God relented: he did not inflict on them the disaster which he had threatened'#Jonah3:1-10

God helps those who help themselves

It can be difficult to see the big picture of our lives on a daily basis. Often it's easier to join the dots when we look back. We can then see how certain events, people or circumstances were pivotal on our life's path. It's part of our human nature to plan for the future and to anticipate certain results and outcomes. Yet often, in anticipation of the future, we can get worried and fearful, growing paralysed by inaction, if we cannot see clearly the road ahead. However the Lord calls us to live each daily fully and not to worry about the future. He calls us to do our best within the day. When we ask God's will to be done in our lives, we can't just wait and be inactive. We have to engage with the world to determine how we can best serve God in every given day. Meeting God half way is important to push our lives forward. Only through our actions and behaviours can we allow God to operate in us and through us. We are called to be less attached to the result and outcomes of our actions and more invested in the processes and activities of our daily lives.

So today, let us meet God half-way in our lives, handing over the outcomes of all we do today for His greater glory. Let us ask the Lord to bless all that we think, say and do, that we may build the Kingdom of Heaven with the fabric of our daily lives. We ask this through Christ our Lord, Amen. #Godslove, #MeetGodhalfway

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