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Only Say the Word

'Your words are spirit, Lord, and they are life' #Psalm18

Only Say the Word

Words matter. We know this in our every day lives. Words form the basis of our communication whether it's the spoken word, the written word, or the word through sign language or gestures. It's also the words, which are unspoken in our hearts and minds which can impact ourselves and others the most. We can often underestimate the power of words. How often do we engage in negative self talk, which keeps us limited, wounded and unable to receive gracefully the love of others and the love and mercy of God?

Yet we are constantly reminded in scripture that the Spirit of the Lord inspires these words and Jesus speaks to us directly. He has a personal message for each of us when we spend time with Him in scripture. Sometimes the message may not be clear but if we persevere and ask for the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we will hear His voice.

Let us remember that In the sacrifice of the mass, we proclaim' Only say the Word Lord, and my soul shall be healed'. The Lord's Word has the power to heal us, transform us. It empowers us to live the Lord's commandments and to live a full life.

Today, let us spend time with the Lord in scripture, allowing the words to penetrate our hearts and soul that we may hear the Lord's voice. #onlysaytheword, #yourwordsarespirit, #life

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