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Shine like the dawn

'Then will your light shine like the dawn and your wound be quickly healed over' #Isaiah58:1-9

Acts of Love

Today we are reminded that what the Lord seeks is not empty outward displays of self-denial where we show the world how worthy we are through our fasting efforts. The Lord calls us to practical action borne out of our Faith and Love in Him. He asks us to set the oppressed free, to feed the hungry, to shelter the poor and to clothe the naked. He tells us that if we do these things, 'our wound will be quickly healed over'. This is a profound promise. The Lord is telling us that by undertaking these acts of love, we are assisting in our own healing. By reaching out to others in the name of God, we are allowing God to reach us, to love us and heal us.

Today through the people we encounter, let us take the opportunity to perform acts of love, no matter how small. Let us ask for the Lord's grace to discern how best we can serve Him this day, recognising that through our service, we allow God to reach us and heal us. #actsoflove, #shinelikethedawn, #innerhealing

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