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A Faithful Friend

'A faithful friend is a sure shelter, whoever finds one has found a rare treasure.' Ecclesiasticus 6:5-17

In a world of Facebook and social media friends, how many of those can we count on to be there when we are in need?

“Whoever fears the Lord makes true friends, for as a person is, so is his friend” #ecclesiasticus6

In today's first reading we are reminded that true friendship is the elixir of life and those who fear the Lord will find one.

True Friendship

It is an encouraging reminder that in a world where our circles of true friendships are diminishing due to our busy lives and conflicting priorities, when we keep a place for the Lord in our lives we are more likely to attract faithful friends. We know it is not the quantity of friends in our lives but the quality of those relationships which nurture and sustain us. It is also true that we if we are seeking deep meaningful relationships, we must give what we hope to receive. Our relationship with Jesus as our first and primary friendship lays the foundation for our relationship with others and even ourselves. Jesus is full of love and compassion. Let us be loving and compassionate with ourselves as we reach out to others, trusting that all those we encounter on our lives' path are part of God's plan for us.

Today, let us be grateful for all the loving relationships we have in our lives, asking the Lord to bless each and very encounter today as we grow on our journey of Faith. #truefriendship, #mybestfriendJesus, #thankyouLord

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